Buddhist and Christian Meditation:

Sunday, July 26, 2009 through Friday July 31st

Our five-day meditation retreat offers participants an opportunity to experience and integrate Buddhist and Christian contemplative practices, through brief instruction, extended periods of silent practice, and ample time for unstructured quiet and solitude.

The complementary practices of two great spiritual traditions weave an experience of great deepening and opening; a rich encounter with what is real, authentic, and nurturing. This retreat is ideal for those who wish to go deeper into the stillness, to receive some introductory instruction in meditation and contemplative practice across traditions, and to experience directly the benefits of meditation and prayer away from the interruptions of everyday life.

DATES:            Sunday, July 26, 2009 beginning at 5 pm, through lunch Friday, July 31, 2009


LOCATION:             St. Francis Retreat Center, San Juan Bautista, CA. 


COST:             Single,  $575.00; Double, $495.00. Cost includes food & lodging for 5 days, & registration.


LEADERS:             Susan Murphy and Rod Dugliss.


For more info contact:

Susan at (650) 969-3452, somurphy@earthlink.net, or Rod at (415) 441-4104, lwrd@mindspring.com


Additional information about the retreat (directions, meal preferences, etc.) will be mailed in June, 2009).


Mail this registration form by June 18, 2009, with full fee or $100 deposit, payable to PCSF, to:

Pacific Center for Spiritual Formation,

Box 441, 1819 Polk Street

San Francisco CA 94109


PROGRAM             Christian/Buddhist Five Day Silent Retreat- July 26-31, 2009


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HOUSING PREFERENCE (Circle one):              Single ($575)              Double (495)